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Earliest Origin

Geological Time Learn Video Quiz
Plate Tectonics Learn Video Quiz
Sedimentation Learn Quiz

Restless Earth

Fold Mountains Learn Quiz
Mobile Mountains (Jebel Hafit) Learn Quiz
Earthquakes Learn Quiz
Volcanoes Learn Video Quiz

Restless Environment

Glaciation Learn Video Quiz
Glacial Erosion and Deposition Learn Quiz

Unique Landscapes

Sand Dunes Learn Quiz
Sabkhas Learn Quiz
Island Formations Learn Quiz

Climate Over Time

Climate Change Learn Video Quiz
Inter Tropical Convergence Zone Learn Quiz
Greenhouse Gases Learn Quiz

Ecology of Water

Groundwater Resources Learn Video Quiz
Liwa Crescent Learn Quiz
Al Ain Learn Quiz

Water Then and Now

Traditional Water Extraction Learn Quiz
Water Sources Learn Quiz
Water Consumption Learn Video Quiz

Water Crisis

Desalination Learn Video Quiz

Water Future

Managing Water Learn Quiz
Alternative Energy Sources Learn Video Quiz

Gulf Ecosystems

Marine Life Learn Video Quiz
Seasonal Productivity Learn Quiz

Offshore Water

Mangrove Forests Learn Video Quiz
Marine Environment Learn Quiz
Deep Water Inhabitants Learn Video Quiz