Our teacher briefings offer short, easy-to-read overviews for teachers to cover a range of Environmental Atlas themed topics.

Geological Time

Help students to really appreciate the geographic inheritance of Abu Dhabi, by gaining a good understanding of geological time.

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Plate Tectonics

Help give young people an understanding of the structure of our planet and how the physical geography of Abu Dhabi today displays the consequences of dramatic geological activity.

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Help students understand sedimentation, the sedimentation process, why sedimentary rocks are important and the formation of fossils.

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Mangrove Forests

Help give young people an understanding of what exists at the intersection of land and sea and how mangrove forests support a wealth of life, from starfish to people.

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Help students to really gain a good understanding of volcanoes, the formation of volcanoes and volcano types.

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Help students to really understand what earthquakes are, the causes, effects and impacts of earthquake and show they are measured.

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